Monday, August 30, 2010


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you....youre far to kind!

So welcome to my blog, as i travel the world i will do my best to keep you guys posted. What you can expect from this blog.
1. me to promise to keep it updated and never do so
2. horrible spelling
3. I never really grasped the whole grammer thing so sometimes i put punctaion where it should not be; i am work,ing on this. :)
3. some jokes, some poetry, pictures, and the occasional post were i go way to deep about something.
4. I try not to take myself to seriously and you should not either (but know i spit wisdome son!)

So here we go, my blog will not really go cronological. It might skip around a bit, pulling stuff from my past, the moment i am transitioning form Charlotte Sydney Australia.

Please if you read these blogs leave a post or two so I know somebody is ready my brain dumps.


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