Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I don’t normally write about you
but you are forcing my hand
I still harbor views about you
Your key turning me circular
We made love for 11 months and 19 days
And I am still left curious George - street
running to get past you, over you
I imagine one day we will meet again
in your new-town of chaos
in your darling harbor of light
I would gamble away this star city
for another chance to nestle in your palm beach
salsa dance In your establishment
Sink into your views of vancluse
Your Bronte waves crashing into me
I will be Indy 500 for you,
If you would only send for me
I will fly back into the future for you
I have not said this publically
But I am truly sorry for how we ended
All rush
All urgent
I now know I should not have been in such a hurry
to destroy what we built
I admit to you
from this glass house of a man - to the shorelines of your beautiful spine
I miss you

1 comment:

  1. Nice. Although I am sure Sydney doesn't feel that way bout yo ass. Lol...I would be curious to hear about any not so pleasant memories you made while there. Contructive: in the first three lines u say u three times, "curious george..." sounds cliché so does "waves crashing in to me", through out u say I AND you too much. The Good: the more orig lines are beautiful "salsa dance... views of vancluse" very nice! Also "darling harbor of light... gamble away this star city" - it feels very intimate :) keep 'em coming!!!