Monday, September 27, 2010

American Nights

So the idea was to have a somewhat American night, to do this we would find an American restaurant, and do other American things, it did not quite go as we had planned.

So we goggled American restaurants, and the only thing we found that was in a near proximity was Tony Roma’s…we were thinking great!...go get some ribs, and a cheeseburger, and some Cheese Sticks...basically food that our palettes were more used to. So after a frustrating trek to Tony Roma’s (thing is, no one you ask knows how to get anywhere in Sydney, and Google maps is the devil) So we sit down, so ready for the feast that we were about to train wreck into in order to indulge our carnal American desires. What ended up happening though is we sat down and ate an overpriced, undercooked, whack meal pretty much, steph's fries were cold, her sampler plate was just…mehh…my burger was just okay, It was just all around average.

A bit bummed out about our dinner spirits lowering, we decide to go to the Star casino to play the slot machines or a bit of poker, and have some fun. We get there already not really in the best of sprits, completely sober, and surrounded by drunken people having fun. (you ever been somewhere and the people having drunk fun get on your nerves cause your sober, but really your just hating cause you wish you were having drunk fun too, it was one of those situations)

Social settings (as I found out later) are a bit hard for Stephanie at the moment. The fact that alluded me, (I tend to be able to disconnect from people pretty easily) is that she does not have a social group, friends to go out with; some girls to get dressed up and done up and hit the town with.

This is relevant because we are in this huge casino, watching all of these people drunk with their friends having the time of their life, and it’s not that she wanted to be with a group of her friends, and not me...It was a little depressing because she did not have the option. I knew it was tough for her because for the first time since we have been here i actually kind of felt it too.

So both of us already in a it-is-what-it-is mood, we started playing some slots, I of course, since I have a magic stroke, won 50 dollars on a 5 cent slot machine, so we left on top, maybe about 40 dollars richer than when we came:)

Although we had only been there for about 30 minutes, we decided to leave, it just was not the same, last time we were in a casino was in Jan of this year for step’s B-day, we were in Vegas, with some of her best friends, this time we were just kind of there. So instead of getting a cab, which cost a bunch of money that we already spent to get there we decided to walk to a train station, we walk from Pyrmont to Central station, and before we get to the train we ran into this guy…at the platform signing his heart out to a red hot chilli pepper song 'otherside'.

We stayed and listened for a while, drunk groups of kids kept walking by, and signing with him, jumping in as if he was signing an Australian anthem...and it was at that point our moods shifted, besides some deeper rooted things which I touched on earlier, the night was somewhat of a bust because of how excited we were to have an American night in OZ, to do things that we were familiar with...

But as we stood there all of a sudden In the middle of Australia, in the middle of Sydney, in the middle of the central train station we were strangely ok with having an Australian night, our purist of familiar, was replaced with simply a pursuit of enjoyment…enjoying the night and enjoying the company.

The video cannot explain the moment, and the moment cannot explain the feeling.

Anyway the central train was not going to be running for the rest of the night and we ended up walking all the way home so from star casino, to Potts Point...After we got home we had some good conversation about how we were adjusting and yadda yadda, I got a better sense of how Stephanie was feeling we got some ice cream (I think) and watched TV till we went to sleep.

Our American night was a bust…but our night, our night was pretty ok.


  1. Ya'll are my heroes.
    great entry.

  2. This dude was killing it, you have no idea...Thanks for reading my man

  3. or are some of your best options for some American cuisine


  4. Adjusting is never easy but you guys are handling it like rockstars! Keep up the posts... We love it here in BK(LOL)