Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I want to do Bad things to you

Watched the entire Second season of this show last week....

***Spoiler Alert - however if you as late as I am, you might as well just let me spoil it****

A few thoughts

- Lafayette, may be my favourite character on TV, hands down, period.

- It’s a damn shame what they did to that dog!! (Coming to America)

- not sure if it was the writing, but Eggs acting was kind of bad opposite of Tara, he was kind of whack in my opinion, once again it might be the writing, they had him to emotional too often, and it felt unnatural. He still should not have gotten capped at the end though.

-Jason Stackhouse is the...umm..how do I put it...he is the best stupid actor on TV, like if you take all of the actors where their character is supposed to be the ditz...Jason Stackhouse will rise to the top of the list...

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  1. I agree with all that diagnosis, but I have to encourage you to follow your instincts even more Simms. Eggs wasn't just bad, he was really bad- and it's okay that you say that. It's times like these, when the writing's better than the performance, that President Bartlet from West Wing would say "the song outdistanced the singer." I think the girl who played Tara went to Julliard or something, and Eggs is obviously some model they pulled from some photoshoot and told him very slowly to repeat what he read in his script. Trust your instincts Mike. Secondly, have you seen Jason talk off camera? He's an Aussie! So yeah, playing dumb AND foriegn, very well. And lastly, Lafayette is that dude, loved it in the first season when he served all his burgers "with mayonaise, lettuce, tomato, AND AIDS!" Classic.