Sunday, September 5, 2010

I am not suited for this...

So everything here is expensive, like “you said how much” type of expensive. To put some perspective
Movie ticket – 21 dollars (yes 21 dollars)
Rent for a studio – 500 a week (Yes a week, I have friends with garages this size)
Socks – 10 dollars for a pair (yes I said pair)
Boxers - 2 for 34 dollars

I could go on and on…so after talking to the HR department for my new company I asked what the corporate culture was like as far as dress code, I’m thinking either slacks and a button up or polo’s and some khakis. She responds and said everyone here wears suits…yikes….i own one suit, and this one suit has become to be known as the “interview suit”

I have been wearing this one suit for about 5 years, every time I have an interview; it's worn and somewhat cheap…so I decide to go buy a suit.

Ok remember when I said things were expensive…the cheapest suit I could find was 599 dollars...Yea dollars….I was not ready for this at all, I went to about three different stores and the results were the same, and this is just the Honda of suit’s the entry level.

The company I am working for is the number one investment banking firm in Australia and, in the top tier in the world, and apparently from the people that I spoke to they take their suit game very serious.

So after passing on the suits that are the price of a small village I settle on two 600 dollar suits. I am pissed that I had to drop that much money on a suit but blessed at the same time that I can.
I plan to sleep in this thing

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  1. I am sure in less than six will be getting the hand made suits cuz that's how you roll...I must say I am truly entertained by your blog and will probably share some with my students because they need exposure even if it is through the experience of someone they haven't met. I will tell them to ignore the writing errors since it is brain dumping and I just introduce it to them to get them writing ...You and Steph stay safe and enjoy! Good Day mate(do they really say that over there, lol) KIC!