Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Week 1 - Weekend

We are still looking for a place, we went to Rushcutters Bay to see a two bedroom apartment that was 950 a week….It was just okay, not what I would expect for 950 a week. That was the only place we looked at, as we had a meeting with the actor’s pulse, an acting school that Stephanie and I were keen on taking some classes with.

The school was nice, we were a couple minutes late, one because we never know where we are going, and no one in this freakin city knows where anything is, and two because I got into an argument with a bum on the way there.

Stephanie was kind of upset because we were late, but he was trying to bass on me in front of everyone on the street, because I bumped into his Bum girlfriend that was not watching where she was going. It was stupid but funny at the same time…

We went to see Despicable me in 3D Saturday night, we rode the train to Bondi Junction, and went to the movie theatre in the mall, ok so remember when I said it was expensive here. The tickets were 24 dollars EACH…so it was 48 dollars for the movie, and then we spent another 16 dollars on food….movie night in Sydney (if you add the train fare) = 72 dollars…Crazy…

IF you have seen the movie, best line hands down was when the minion said “Whhhhaaaattttttt”…hella funny.

So, my mom’s best friend's, son, used to live here, and he still has friends here who we got connected with. I think that’s how it worked out….anyway after communicating back and forth through e-mail she let me know that a couple of people were getting together on Sunday at centennial park café.

After a rough start, we get there and are met by about eight other people. This is Stephanie and I’s first resemblance of social interaction since we arrived, and it was WAY overdue. The individuals there (I can’t remember all of the names) were all crazy cool, we were the newest couple to have made this move, so we talked for a couple hours about getting adjusted to Sydney, and where to live and what to do, and more importantly where to shop!

We were certain that there had to be places in Sydney that were not that expensive, this unfortunately is not true but there are a couple of discount areas that we found out about. A bunch of the people there said that when they travel to the states they pack an empty suit case and fill it up when they get there. So when you see me ballin out when I come back to charlotte, I am not showing off I am making smart financial decisions :)

One couple that was the closest to our age met at VA tech, her being from Newport news, and him a foreign exchange student from Sydney, they met in school and have been together ever since. She moved here in 2005. They were hella cool….and just like that it looks like we have our first set of friends, the girls exchange numbers and make plans to go shopping on Tuesday…

So the people around the table were of mixed races, but manly black, and of course race relations came up, I don’t mean to talk so much about race on this blog, but it is very relevant, based on my past life experiences ,and my current experiences. There is such a deconstruction of the things I believed to be truism’s my global view is being expanded with each passing day.

So one of the guys at the table is a Lawyer for a firm on wall street, when we were talking about race relations, his wife told a story about when they first got to Sydney. One of the partners wife’s wanted to me her, (this was already bizarre to her because she had never experienced this in NY)

So they are planning to meet, make plans etc…on the day they were going to meet the Partners wife, was asking her questions like, so what will you have on? How will I know it’s you? Etc… After answering a couple of the questions the Harlem came out of her as she said “You know I’m black right...lol”

Her thinking was, (it does not matter what I am wearing, or where I will be standing I should not be hard to miss, I am quite sure I will be the only black person there) The Partners wife told her that her husband never mentioned what her race was, just that they were the new couple from NY. These kind of example are what I mean by race relations are different here, in the states I would bet a year’s pay that would have came up, not in a bad way or a raciest way, just as a point of reference, it seems it’s important to us in the states, it is one of the most relevant things in social interaction, it’s just not like that here…anyways I like I am boring you all with these tangents.

So we decided to check out an Asian fusion restaurant that night, we were told that Sydney does Asian fusion very well, so we went to this Malaysian fusion restaurant, and had quite possibly the best plate of Asian food we have ever had in our lives, so good in fact we went back the next day and ordered the same thing….

That was pretty much the week…umm what else, we went to a poetry slam on Tuesday, which was torture (will blog about it later) we watched the entire 2nd season of true Blood (crazy) and re-watched American Beauty, which we both decided that we could not even begin to appreciate that movie when we watched it in our teenage years. We were very right, that movie is dope on so many levels…anyway that’s it…

Thanks for reading!


  1. you got a wachovia in australia before you could get one in brooklyn? no bueno. fight with bum? priceless!

    keep writing, kid.

  2. I can't wait to read about the slam. HA!